Press Release

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Press Release

November 4, 2017

Today on the Genesis Communications Networks’ The Tom Chenault Show local pharmacist and home business entrepreneur, Keith Abell was the featured guest. The radio show features top income earners from all across the network marketing and direct sales industry. His appearance on the show followed an announcement Keith had made the previous week that he was permanently stepping away from pharmacy to give him more time to develop others into leaders in the direct sales industry.

Tom started the interview by asking how it was that a pharmacist that’s making a pretty good income decided to join the network marketing industry.

“Well Tom, I became a pharmacist in 1995 because I was interested in helping people improve the health and yes, it was a business where I would be compensated well for my skills. What I found out however was the chain pharmacies were more interested in bottom line and script count than patient health. They sell cigarettes, soft drinks, liquor and so many products that are contrary to health and at the same time they cut staffing in the pharmacy to the point that really getting to know the patient is nearly impossible. I would try to go out on the floor and have conversations with my patients about their health but found it increasingly impossible to do the job I really wanted to do.

One day in 06 or 07 I had a customer come to me that said that he had heard that a particular natural product could have a positive effect on his medical condition and he wanted to know how much to take. I checked all my pharmacy references and couldn’t find the answer so I told him I would get back with him. When I began doing the research I made a startling discovery. I found all kinds of scientific articles that showed this natural product had all kinds of positive effects on health. But I also found a paper published in one of the journals that said it did absolutely nothing. Now thinking back to pharmacy school I had a professor that said when you find a study that showed a completely different outcome to ask, who sponsored the study, what did they stand to gain or lose by the outcome and what did they do that was different to get their desired results. What I discovered was the study was done by a pharmaceutical company and that by showing it didn’t work would increase the sale of their product and what they did to get the result was to give everyone a dose that was 6 times lower than what all the other studies had used.

The other thing that happened at the same time is my income started going down so I found myself in a situation where I would have to increase the amount of time that I worked just to maintain the same income. So I started looking for alternative income sources. Back while I was in college someone had approached me about the network marketing industry but at the time I had no interest. I believed that pharmacy was going to be a much better option so I really didn’t look any further. Later when I started looking into other sources of income that wouldn’t interfere with pharmacy I revisited the industry.

What I found was there were a lot of companies out there that had natural products that were producing positive health benefits so I started researching the products and I joined and I failed. I actually ended up joining and failing at 14 different companies before I finally had success. ”

“Really? Why did you fail?”

“Well really there were two reasons that I failed. First I was never sponsored into any of the companies that I joined so I did not have a “mentor” to show me what to do. Secondly, I was so comfortable with the income that I was earning as a pharmacist I really never had a compelling reason to be successful.”

“So Keith what changed, I personally met you by phone when you joined our company but you didn’t have success for several years here either?”

“When I joined Youngevity it was specifically for the products. I really believed in the 90 for life story and had seen results from the products in my own family but it wasn’t until a major event happened in my life that finally got me . . .


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